Exhibition stand design

Why should Dutch Expo 360 design your exhibition stand?

Top quality designs that are innovative and effective

Dutch Expo 360 ensures that your exhibition stand is professionally designed in a way that closely relates to the vision of your business. Our knowledge and experience as exhibition stand tradesmen ensures that you are guaranteed to receive a design that is not only innovative but also stands out on the exhibition floor. By doing this, we ensure that your stand attracts the right attention from the desired visitors.

Modular and sustainable design

Dutch Expo 360 creates exhibition stands that are of high quality, detailed and are made of sustainable materials. This is because we have a lot of experience in the design of modular exhibition stands. If you attend conferences or events often, then Dutch Expo is ready to provide a helping hand. Due to the modular nature of the designs, we can construct and deliver them very quickly. This means that you have to make very little amendments if you want to reuse the same design for the next conference.  

Full service: from design to storage

Dutch Expo 360 provides full-service offerings.. If you have an exhibition stand designed by Dutch Expo 360, we can construct it directly in our own workshop. You can also trust us with the assembly and disassembly at the fair location. Your personal project manager sees to it that everything is done on time and according to the agreements made.

What should you be aware of when having your stand designed?

  • Enquire about the primary requirements and maximum allowed measurements for your stand at the conference location
  • Implement a maximum budget limit
  • Think about your needs and wishes; what message would you like to portray with your stand design, and what is the goal of your participation at the conference?

→ See Dutch Expo 360’s portfolio for inspiration

How much does it cost to have your exhibition stand designed by us?

Designing attractive stands is possible with any budget. The costs are dependent on the surface area of the conference floor and your desired design as well as the use of technologies (such as 3D visualisation) and the time frame or duration in which the design will need to be completed. You can discuss all of this with us during a personal appointment.

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Why should you invest in the design of your exhibition stand?

Investing in a professional team to design your exhibition stand not only makes it more professional but it also ensures that you stand out and attract the right visitors. With a functional design and use of high quality materials your stand will be a success. It also means that you will have a better overview of the people who visit your stand, making it easier to approach the people who you expect will be attractive leads. You don’t have to worry about the costs of a well designed stand as you’ll earn that back in no time.

What can you expect when having your stand designed by Dutch Expo 360?

Step 1: First acquaintance and clear communication of your wishes

As a business we are very interested in getting to know our customers. This is why Dutch Expo 360 stands for inclusion. We are always keen to hear more about your wishes, motivations, and goals for attending conferences. Knowing what you would like to achieve with your exhibition participation helps us better understand your fundamental needs so that we can discuss the opportunities with you and the deadlines we should abide by.

Is it possible to send in your own design ideas to Dutch Expo 360?

Absolutely, this will make us very happy! Submitting your own design, or mood board will be very welcome as it will help give our designers a better idea of your vision, wishes and style that suits your business. Submitting your own design is greatly appreciated but it’s not an obligation.

Step 2: Design phase

Spurred on by your ideas and design wishes, our creative designers will start working on your stand, translating your vision into an actual product. Our technical specialists support our creative designers during this process. They will oversee whether all of the creative aspects are able to be implemented within the technical restraints and limits of the stand location.

Step 3: Delivery of first concept and definitive design

Within the agreed upon time frame, you will receive the initial concept of your stand design. With the use of 3D modelling, your first concept will be visualised. By doing so, you can directly see what your design would look like in real life. After some feedback and amendments you will receive your definite design as soon as possible, usually after a short period of time. This design will be a technical drawing in 2D and 3D.

Interested in collaborating?

Dutch Expo can let you know how they can be of service for you in a free consultation. We offer this so that we can provide you with the highest quality of service and because we like to meet you personally. Based on your wishes, goals and budget we will provide an invoice that is best suited for your needs.

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