Furnishing and decor for your Exhibition Stand

Why should you invest in tailor made furnishing and decor?

Grabbing the attention of visitors is not always as simple as initially thought. A good and attractive furnishing for your stand is important to attract and retain the right customer. Dutch Expo 360 helps you design eye-catching exhibition stands that are guaranteed to attract attention. These designs and furnishings will be unique so that they can be used to increase new deals, collaborations and partnerships.

What opportunities can Dutch Expo 360 offer in terms of furnishings and attractive layouts?

Dutch Expo 360 is extremely proud of her unique 360 approach. We handle all of the logistics that are needed for the preparation of exhibit participation over from you. Our approach is goal oriented and focused on efficiency. This means that the exhibit design costs will remain as low as possible, benefiting you directly.



The technical specialists of Dutch Expo will be able to install profesional lights in your stand. They use a combination of wall and rail lighting, promotional displays and heightened conference floors. This is how our technical specialists can make a professional lighting plan that perfectly matches the style and design of your stand.


Dutch Expo offers high quality sound techniques like digital rendering, voice amplification, loop, and wireless transmitter systems. With all of these techniques, Dutch Expo 360 can offer you a high quality sound experience. We make a whole digital sound plan according to your wishes so that your visitors can experience your exhibition stand optimally.



The use of multimedia can help make your stand more interactive. Dutch Expo 360 can help support you in your wishes for a presentation. We can add tablets and interactive screens to your stand. This is ideal when visitors want to fill in their contact information quickly or when they want to place an order directly with you.


Tables and chairs

A trade fair day is an intensive affair for all parties involved. A seating area in your stand often has an inviting effect on visitors and makes you an interesting business to visit. In addition, tables and chairs can be used for conversations and for closing deals. Dutch Expo 360 has a wide range of furniture under its own management, including:

  • Standing tables
  • Folding tables
  • Barstools
  • Armchairs
  • Design benches
  • Lounge sets
  • Picnic tables

Floor finish

To make sure that your stand truly stands out, an attractive floor design can be the stylish finishing touch to your stand that grabs the attention of the right visitors.Dutch Expo 360 makes sure that your stand has the floor that you desire. We offer a variety of floors, ranging from hardwood floors to vinyl and carpet tiles. The flooring is tailor made according to your wishes, including your desired design, budget, and location preference. We even provide interactive flooring for your stand.



The golden rule for stand furnishing and decor is commonly known as “less is more”. Dutch Expo 360 knows this like no other. With the use of some decorative accessories, a stand design can be further improved to create an attractive atmosphere that will provide a pleasant user experience for your visitors. The use of flowers, plants, artwork, and creative conversation starters can make a big difference in how your stand attracts visitors.

Why should you choose Dutch Expo 360?

How much does tailor made furnishing and decor cost?

This very much depends on the specific project. Prices are based on your wishes, needs and budget for your stand. Ask for a free consultation without any obligation or discuss the possibilities for your conference participation in a personal meeting.

What is the duration expectancy of your chosen furnishing?

On average, Ducth Expo 360 handles a duration expectancy of approximately 6 to 8 weeks. This is because within this timeframe, the design, the development and the realisation/ finalisation of your stand furnishing takes place. In the scenario that you desire an attractive design on short notice, we advise you to come into contact with one of our advisors. Based on your wishes and needs we can easily determine whether Dutch Expo 360 can arrange an attractive design for the short term.

Interested in collaborating?

Dutch Expo can let you know how they can be of service for you in a free consultation. We offer this so that we can provide you with the highest quality of service and because we like to meet you personally. Based on your wishes, goals and budget we will provide an invoice that is best suited for your needs.

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