International Stand Construction

In which countries does Dutch Expo 360 provide construction of international stands?

As a specialist in international stand construction, Dutch Expo 360 can be deployed all over the world. Several times a year our professionals travel to conferences all over Europe, Asia and North America. Are you participating in a large or smaller trade fair on another continent? No problem at all. Dutch Expo 360 will make sure that your stand will be taken care of down to the very last detail, even in the farthest corners of the world.


Germany is one of the most popular countries to attend conferences within Europe. Dutch Expo 360 handles international stand construction on a regular basis in locations where conferences are held such as Frankfurt, Berlin, München, Hamburg, Essen, Keulen, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf.


Over the last couple of years, Dutch Expo 360 has been servicing the conferences held in Belgium more and more with their expertise in international stand design and construction. Belgium has a lot of beautiful conference locations, including Kortrijk Xpo, NPO Brussels Exhibition Centre, Flanders Expo Gent, Brussels Expo, Waregem Expo, Antwerp Expo and Roeselare Expo.


Dutch Expo 360 is also a regular at other conference locations in Europe, such as in Italy, France, Sweden, and England. Our experienced team has helped deliver beautiful stands at conferences in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Paris, Lyon and London.


Dutch Expo has also much experience in servicing international conferences. Some of our stands can therefore be recognised at conferences in Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. We are also available to service you with international stand constructions in North and South America.

Why should you choose Dutch Expo 360?

How does Dutch Expo 360 conduct their international stand construction?

1. Preparation and design

During an initial meeting, we would like to hear about your wishes, expectations and objectives for your conference participation. With this information in hand, our creative designers get to work. During the design process, the project manager will keep you informed on our progress. Once the design has been approved, we will start building the stand in our workshop in Zeewolde.

2. Transport and realisation of the design

In our workshop all elements of the stand are manufactured step by step. Dutch Expo 360 only uses high quality materials so that you are assured of a beautiful exhibition stand. As soon as the stand is ready, it is transported to the conference location. Dutch Expo 360 has its own transport, but on longer distances also uses air transport.

3. Assembly and disassembly on location

At the agreed date and time, Dutch Expo 360 will be present with its own team of (local) stand builders to construct your exhibition stand. Because the construction is always done by our own people, you are assured that all agreements made are met. The dismantling is also arranged by Dutch Expo 360.

4. Storage

If you want to use the stand built by us more often, Dutch Expo 360 offers you the possibility of (temporary) storage. We use very competitive rates for storage of international stand constructions. The next time you participate in an exhibition (at home or abroad) you only have to pick up the stand from us and have it transported to the conference location.

How much does international stand construction by Dutch Expo 360 cost?

The costs for international stand construction depends greatly on the location to which we have to transport your stand. The price is also influenced by the size of the stand and the number of professionals required on site. We therefore advise you to request a free quotation without obligation or to arrange a personal consultation!

What requirements should an international stand abide by?

The requirements to be met differ from country to country. A conference venue is also often free to set additional requirements for exhibition stands. Therefore Dutch Expo 360 always checks for you what the current regulations are at your conference location. This way you are always assured that no problems will occur on site.

Interested in collaborating?

Dutch Expo can let you know how they can be of service for you in a free consultation. We offer this so that we can provide you with the highest quality of service and because we like to meet you personally. Based on your wishes, goals and budget we will provide an invoice that is best suited for your needs.

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