Modular Stand Design

What is modular stand design?

As the name suggests, modular stand design consists of interchangeable frame parts. These frame parts are easy to assemble and when these are fully put together, the stand becomes a strong construction that can be used to support banners, sheets and panels that are designed according to your house style. Because of this flexibility, modular stand design can be improved endlessly, whether it resolves enlarging the stand in its height and width. This means you can participate at any location and still profit from your stand design.

What are the benefits of modular stand design compared to traditional stand design?

Reusable and sustainable

Compared to traditional stand design, modular stand design is a more sustainable option. This is because traditional stand design predominantly uses wooden structures that are only used once. These traditional designs are often only specifically made for one conference location and participation. Alternatively to traditional stand design, modular stand design utilises aluminium frames that can be reused countless times at different conference locations.

Simple and easy to use

A modular stand can easily be assembled and taken apart in a safe manner. Because of the easy to use connection points, and the lightweight of the materials, the handling of the stand is much less labour intensive compared to traditional stands. This also means you need less workers to assemble the stand, saving you a lot of money.

Very suitable for international conferences

Modular stands are very well suited for the participation in international conferences. Modular stands are very well suited for the participation in international conferences. This is because of the light weight of the materials which makes transport costs much cheaper when travelling to international locations. In some cases stand design parts can even be transported on aeroplanes which makes it even easier to participate in international conferences.

More frequent conference participation means lower costs

Companies that participate at conferences regularly are more likely to use modular stand designs. In fact this is also the more popular choice. Opposed to traditional stand design, only one investment is needed for modular stands. For the next conference, it is highly likely that the only design component you have to change is the exterior, such as the banners and panels.

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Is the use of modular stand design allowed at all conference locations?

Most of the conference locations allow the use of modular stands. There are some regulations which include that the height of the stand cannot be higher than the maximum allowed height. The below listed locations (in the Netherlands and Belgium) allow the use of such stands:

How much does a modular stand cost?

A modular stand is available in many different price categories. We at Dutch Expo 360 are happy to help to advise you on the right option according to your wishes, needs and expectations. Ask for a consultation without any obligation or contact us for a personal meeting.

For whom is modular stand design most attractive?

For anyone that participates in multiple conferences on a yearly basis, Dutch Expo 360 recommends the investment in a modular stand design. This is because it is easier to amend the size of the stand to the conference location if necessary. Our advisors are happy to discuss any opportunities with you in a personal meeting.

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