Dutch Expo 360

Exhibition stand design with a 360º approach

Will your company be attending a trade show or (business) event soon?
Then engage Dutch Expo 360, the stand construction specialist in the Netherlands for 25 years.
With a keen eye for detail, finish and durability, we develop appropriate stands that attract the right attention.
Moreover, thanks to our unique 360º approach you are ready in one go: from design to construction and placement, we take care of it for you!

Tailor- made world class exhibition furnishing

Dutch Expo 360 believes in the power of trade shows like no other.
Trade show participation is a wonderful opportunity to bring your company, brand or product to the attention of new customers and successfully market it.
Dutch Expo 360 has been providing the most surprising and innovative designs for trade show booths for decades.
We are happy to help you with the design of your exhibition stand: from design to completion, taken care of to perfection!

Getting started with our design team

Dutch Expo 360 has several in-house specialists who know everything about booth construction and the perfect trade show floor design.
The decoration of your trade show participation therefore starts with a conversation with our design team.

They will advise you about all the possibilities, costs, the pro’s and con’s and the many options that are available for your exhibition needs. We ensure that your exhibition stand is designed and built according to the exact specifications you have provided.

Exhibition layout/ design

Have you been to a trade show or (business) event before and want to give an old exhibition stand a fresh look?
At Dutch Expo 360 it is possible to realize the furnishing of your exhibition stand with materials provided by you.

By reusing materials that were already purchased, you save considerably in costs and contribute to a more sustainable world. One of our stand design specialists will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Showcasing your own design

Creating a complete booth yourself is quite an undertaking.
However, it does not mean that you have to give up everything.
At Dutch Expo 360 it is possible to supply your own design.
We are happy to help you give shape to your ideas.
One of our stand designers can support you in working out your ideal stand or exhibition floor.

Why should you choose Dutch Expo 360?

Full Service Offerings

Dutch Expo 360 is proud of its unique 360º approach.
We take all the logistical preparation for your trade show participation off your hands, from A to Z. Our approach is focused and efficient, keeping the cost of booth construction for you always as low as possible.

Project Management

Our experienced project managers will work with you to make your trade show participation a success. All preparatory work is planned and overseen by your own project manager from Dutch Expo 360.


Our creative design team will design a beautiful concept for the stands which will have an attractive and professional appearance. Your house style will determine the design of your exhibition stand. Visitors will be attracted to your stand because of your unique design. Ultimately distracting them from your competitors because your design stands out from the crowd.


All of our exhibition stands are produced and built in our own warehouse. Each project is 100% tailor made by hand throughout the whole production cycle. The high quality of the build will be guaranteed by our trusted tradesmen. We exclusively use materials of the highest possible quality.

Exhibition stand assembling and dismantling

Dutch Expo 360 works with its own construction and dismantling teams. This way we guarantee that your booth will be built and dismantled neatly, on time and completely according to the agreements made.


Dutch Expo 360 after many years gained very wide experience with fairs and events all over the world. For logistics we have a good cooperation with some (large) transport companies. Therefore we can also arrange the logistics process for your exhibition stand without any problems.


After the event has ended, your exhibition stand can be stored in our warehouse. When you are planning on attending conferences more often, acquiring a temporary storage unit will be a viable option. Then you don’t have to worry about having to find a new storage unit every time you attend a new conference and it saves you a lot of time and money. We do the heavy lifting for you and bring your exhibition stand directly to the location of your next conference.

What are the design and building costs of an exhibition stand?

Not all exhibition stands cost the same, they all have a different price tag. This is because our stands are tailor made and designed based on your personal wishes and expectations. Are you curious to find out how much a stand will cost according to your specific requirements? Request a free consultation.

International exhibition stand design by Dutch Expo 360

You can also contact us for stand construction when participating in trade fairs abroad.
You can find us regularly at large and small exhibitions all over the world.
Over the years Dutch Expo 360 has become a specialist in international stand building and a reliable partner for international customers.

The Netherlands

Within the Netherlands we have delivered a beautiful range of exhibition stands to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.


We have a warehouse located in Frankfurt, Germany, the country most famous for its conferences. From our location in Frankfurt, we have often delivered exhibition stands to conferences in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Essen, Cologne, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf.


Our tailor made stands can also be found in Italy, France, Sweden and the United Kingdom, in cities such as Milan, Rome, Bologna, Paris, Lyon and London.


Even outside of the EU our stands can be found at conferences in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and Singapore.

Renting ready-to-go exhibition stands

Are you not regularly at a trade show or (business) event?
Then consider renting an exhibition stand or exhibition wall.
Renting is also attractive for companies that occasionally participate in exhibitions abroad, but do not want to pay the high transportation costs for an exhibition stand.
Renting a booth from a local company can be a solution in that case.
Dutch Expo 360 has a broad international network and can assist you in finding the right stand rental company.

→ Did you know that when you attend a conference regularly (for example for more than 3 events) buying an exhibition stand will be more profitable than renting.

Modular stand construction: profitable and sustainable

Attending many conferences can be very costly. Especially when you have to buy a new stand regularly. Luckily there are modular stands available nowadays. These offer many opportunities and have multiple attractive benefits compared to traditional exhibition stands.

  • Easy to assemble and construct yourself
  • Adaptable for personalisation of different stand sizes
  • Expandable to your specific wishes, such as extra storage space
  • Low costs and sustainable: reusable which means only one investment is needed
  • Attractively priced: acquiring costs easily earned back after 2 to 3 conferences
  • Always recognisable due to the unique design and professional look

Our guarantee

We stand for professionalism. Where we offer the best quality, certainty, innovativeness, enthusiasm, flexibility and trustworthiness in our tailor made service offerings.

Help and advice from design to implementation

We manage all the processes from design to execution, and transport to storage for all of your full service stand design needs.

Everything is managed in house

Practically all of the stand design processes are delivered and managed by us in-house to guarantee the highest possible quality services for you.

National and international

In all major exhibition countries around the world, Dutch Expo 360 B.V. has a lot of experience, branches and partnerships.


At Dutch Expo 360 B.V., high standards are set for the design, preparation and construction of booths.


We always ensure that products and building materials can be reused as often as possible. This recycling of these products ensures a low cost price.


By only working closely with professional industry trade men, every exhibition stand is of the highest possible quality.

Top quality lighting and fixtures for exhibition stands

Skimping on the lighting of your trade show booth is an eternal waste.
With the right lighting, you will attract the attention of visitors and your booth will stand out.
When designing your trade show booth, Dutch Expo 360 engages lighting experts who know how to put the spotlight on your booth.
There are plenty of options, including:

  • Illuminated promotional displays
  • Wall lights
  • Display (led) spots
  • Display rays
  • Signature lighting
  • Track lighting

Discover the benefits of mobile exhibition walls

Every booth stands or falls with a well-designed trade show wall.
It is often the foundation of your booth and the first thing visitors see when they approach your booth.
Exhibition walls come in all price ranges, shapes and sizes.
Dutch Expo 360 develops (mobile) exhibition walls that are lightweight and compact: ideal for use after your trade show participation in presentations or at events.
And at a very attractive price!

Get inspired for your own exhibition stand

Dutch Expo 360 has been building stands for countless companies at well-known trade show, exhibition and event locations in the Netherlands (including Ahoy Rotterdam and RAI Amsterdam) and the rest of the world for years.
Curious about our designs? Take a look at our portfolio and get inspired!


Interested in collaborating?

In a personal, no-obligation meeting, we would like to show you what Dutch Expo 360 can do for you. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we prefer to meet you in person. Based on your needs, goals and budget, we will provide a no-obligation quote for the most suitable booth.

→ Ask us directly for a consultation.

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