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Exhibition stand design with a 360º approach

Are you planning on showcasing your business at a conference event? Join Dutch Expo 360, the exhibition stand specialist of the Netherlands for the past 25 years. With a close eye to detail, excellent finishing and sustainable practices, we are experts in grabbing the right attention of visitors or clients. With our unique 360º approach, your work will be completed for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing. From exhibition stand design to stand construction, we handle everything for you.

Tailor- made world class exhibition furnishing

Dutch Expo 360 knows the importance of exhibitions like no other. Taking part in conferences is a great way to promote your business, products or services to new customers, it even helps you build more brand awareness and improve your business positioning. Dutch Expo 360 has been providing the most astounding and innovative designs for exhibition stands for decades. We are happy to help you with the design of your stand: from design to dismantling, we help you take care of everything down to the very last detail!

Getting started with our design team

Dutch Expo 360 has multiple specialists that know the ins and outs of stand designs and have an excellent knowledge of the perfect exhibition layout. The first step towards your participation in the exhibition of your business stand starts with a meeting with our design team.

They will advise you about all the possibilities, costs, the pro’s and con’s and the many options that are available for your exhibition needs. We ensure that your exhibition stand is designed and built according to the exact specifications you have provided.

Exhibition layout/ design

By reusing materials that were already previously purchased, you save a lot of money and contribute to a more sustainable world. One of our stand design specialists will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Door hergebruik van reeds aangekochte materialen bespaart u flink in de kosten en draagt u bij aan een duurzamere wereld. Een van onze specialisten op het gebied van standdesign denkt graag met u mee over de mogelijkheden.

Showcasing your own design

Designing and showcasing your own business is a monumental task. This does not mean that you have to release all control. At Dutch Expo 360 it is possible to submit your own design. We are eager to help with design and bring your ideas to life. One of our designers is available to support you in the creation process of your ideal exhibition stand design or exhibition floor design.

Why should you choose Dutch Expo 360?

Full Service Offerings

Dutch Expo 360 is extremely proud of her unique 360 approach. We handle all of the logistics that are needed for the preparation of exhibit participation over from you. Our approach is goal oriented and focused on efficiency. This means that the exhibit design costs will remain as low as possible, benefiting you directly.

Project Management

Our experienced project managers will work closely with you in order to make your participation at the conference a success. You will receive the assistance of one of our project managers from Dutch Expo 360 who will oversee and plan all of the preparation that is required to make your exhibition stand a success.


Our creative design team will design a beautiful concept for the stands which will have an attractive and professional appearance. Your house style will determine the design of your exhibition stand. Visitors will be attracted to your stand because of your unique design. Ultimately distracting them from your competitors because your design stands out from the crowd.


All of our exhibition stands are produced and built in our own warehouse. Each project is 100% tailor made by hand throughout the whole production cycle. The high quality of the build will be guaranteed by our trusted tradesmen. We exclusively use materials of the highest possible quality.

Construction and dismantling

Dutch Expo 360 has its own team that specialises in the professional construction and dismantling of exhibition stands. This is how we guarantee that your stand will be constructed and dismantled as thoroughly and carefully as possible within the agreed upon time frame.


Dutch Expo 360 has gained many years of experience servicing exhibitions, conferences and events across the world. This is how we have established a very good working relationship with numerous transport companies. We are able to manage the logistical process for your exhibition stand seamlessly.


After the event has ended, your exhibition stand can be stored in our warehouse. When you are planning on attending conferences more often, acquiring a temporary storage unit will be a viable option. Then you don’t have to worry about having to find a new storage unit every time you attend a new conference and it saves you a lot of time and money. We do the heavy lifting for you and bring your exhibition stand directly to the location of your next conference.

What are the design and building costs of an exhibition stand?

Not all exhibition stands cost the same, they all have a different price tag. This is because our stands are tailor made and designed based on your personal wishes and expectations. Are you curious to find out how much a stand will cost according to your specific requirements? Request a free consultation.

International exhibition stand design by Dutch Expo 360

Our services are also available for conferences that take place abroad. You can often find us at small and big conferences across the world. Throughout the many years of experience, Dutch Expo 360 has grown to be a trusted partner for international clients specialised in the construction of exhibition stands.

The Netherlands

Within the Netherlands we have delivered a beautiful range of exhibition stands to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.


We have a warehouse located in Frankfurt, Germany, the country most famous for its conferences. From our location in Frankfurt, we have often delivered exhibition stands to conferences in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Essen, Cologne, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf.


Our tailor made stands can also be found in Italy, France, Sweden and the United Kingdom, in cities such as Milan, Rome, Bologna, Paris, Lyon and London.


Even outside of the EU our stands can be found at conferences in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and Singapore.

Renting ready-to-go exhibition stands

Are you not yet a regular at conferences? Then renting an exhibition stand can be a good option for you. Renting is especially attractive for businesses that occasionally attend conferences abroad but don’t want the hassle of expensive transport costs. Renting an exhibition stand at a local company is the ideal solution to this problem. Dutch Expo 360 has numerous connections with local businesses that rent out exhibition stands and can advise you on which one to choose.

→ Did you know that when you attend a conference regularly (for example for more than 3 events) buying an exhibition stand will be more profitable than renting.

Modular stand construction: profitable and sustainable

Attending many conferences can be very costly. Especially when you have to buy a new stand regularly. Luckily there are modular stands available nowadays. These offer many opportunities and have multiple attractive benefits compared to traditional exhibition stands.

  • Easy to assemble and construct yourself
  • Adaptable for personalisation of different stand sizes
  • Expandable to your specific wishes, such as extra storage space
  • Low costs and sustainable: reusable which means only one investment is needed
  • Attractively priced: acquiring costs easily earned back after 2 to 3 conferences
  • Always recognisable due to the unique design and professional look

Our benefits / guarantee

We stand for professionalism. Where we offer the best quality, certainty, innovativeness, enthusiasm, flexibility and trustworthiness in our tailor made service offerings.

From design to execution

We manage all the processes from design to execution, and transport to storage for all of your full service stand design needs.

Everything is managed in-house

Practically all of the stand design processes are delivered and managed by us in-house to guarantee the highest possible quality services for you.

National and international

Dutch Expo 360 has numerous experience, partnerships and branches across the world.


High quality design expectations, preparation and exhibition stand construction are things that the Dutch Expo 360 B.V. takes very seriously.


We always ensure that products and building materials can be reused as often as possible. This recycling of these products ensures a low cost price.


By only working closely with professional industry trade men, every exhibition stand is of the highest possible quality.

Top quality lighting and fixtures for exhibition stands

With the right lighting you can attract the attention of more visitors, making your exhibition stand out from the others. This is all possible without limiting your budget extensively. Dutch Expo 360 uses lighting experts that are specialised in installing spotlights that fit your stand perfectly. There are many options, such as;

  • Illuminated promotional displays
  • Wall lights
  • Display (led) spots
  • Display rays
  • Signature lighting
  • Track lighting

Discover the benefits of mobile exhibition walls

A well designed exhibition wall is very important for any stand. The design is often the first thing that visitors notice and is what attracts them to come to you. Exhibition walls are available in all price categories, shapes and sizes. Dutch Expo 360 builds mobile exhibition walls that are lightweight and compact: ideal for use at presentations and events as well. This is all available for you at a very reasonable price.

Get inspired for your own exhibition stand

For many years, Dutch Expo 360 has been building exhibition stands for numerous businesses that have attended well known conferences and event locations in the Netherlands (for example Ahoy Rotterdam, and RAI Amsterdam) and the rest of the world. Curious to find out more? Have a look at our portfolioand get inspired!


Interested in collaborating?

Dutch Expo can let you know how they can be of service for you in a free consultation. We offer this so that we can provide you with the highest quality of service and because we like to meet you personally. Based on your wishes, goals and budget we will provide an invoice that is best suited for your needs.

→ Ask us directly for a consultation.

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