Our work method

Dutch Expo 360

With our 25 years of experience in the industry, we ensure that your stand exhibits the same quality and feel wherever you are in the world. In most of the countries we operate in we are supported by subcontractors that have worked with us for many years and are experienced in the delivery of high quality teams specialised in the construction and dismantling of exhibition stands.

Over the past 25 years, the staff of Dutch Expo 360 has become well acquainted with just about every trade show in Europe.
This is of great importance when building and delivering the stand.
Knowledge from which the clients benefit directly, because we know our way around trade fair land very well.
A deal is a deal and time is time.

Full service offerings

Project Management

There are different components that can impact participation at conferences. Our experienced project managers work closely with you with great passion and enthusiasm for the development of your exhibition stand. You don’t have to worry about anything. We oversee all of the work for you.


It is obvious, but it is often forgotten that an exhibition stand is an extension of the corporate identity of a company or organization.
Dutch Expo 360 understands this like no other.
The appearance of the exhibition stand has to fit perfectly with the other expressions of the company.
Our own designers take care of this – based on a briefing by the client.
Before the stand is built, Dutch Expo 360 uses drawings or an animation to show what the stand will look like and how it will be experienced.


Dutch Expo 360 is full service where stand construction is concerned.
We do all the preparation in our own workshop, so that the stand on the exhibition floor itself only has to be put together.

Exhibition stand assembling and dismantling

For most countries we have a standard team that handles the assembling and dismantling of the exhibition stands. This means that you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Realizing your booth at a trade show is a logistically complex process.
Dutch Expo 360 has been working for years with transportation companies that specialize in this so our people have all the attention they need to take care of your booth down to the last detail.


It is out of date to throw stuff away after a single use. That’s why Dutch Expo 360’s warehouses are full of booth parts that can be used many more times. Apart from stands that get used multiple times, exhibition stands originally intended for single use also get recycled and stored in our warehouse. This ensures that stand costs stay low and quality remains high. This is a win-win situation that also leads to a reduction in raw material consumption and is therefore good for the environment.

A free quotation.

Would you like to have an exhibition stand designed by us or would you like more information about Dutch Expo and all of the opportunities we offer? Then request information without any obligations.