About us

Dutch Expo 360

Dutch Expo 360 has been the stand construction specialist in the Netherlands for 25 years.
We believe that an exhibition stand is much more than a 3-dimensional advertisement.

Attractive stands for any conference

The booth is not only a company’s business card, but it must also stand out, inspire, inform and/or sell.
Before an exhibition stand is complete, there is a lot involved.
As the stand construction specialist in the Netherlands, Dutch Expo 360 can take care of all aspects involved.
The purpose of the exhibition stand, which must be clearly stated in the briefing with our client, is always taken into account.

Dutch Expo 360 stands for professionalism, the very best quality, security, innovation, enthusiasm, flexibility and reliability.
We build beautiful stands for every trade show.

Our advantages

Help and advice from design to implementation

Dutch Expo 360 is a medium-sized booth building company.
That means it incorporates both the advantages of a large company and the benefits of a small one.
For example, its scale is ample to handle any project – regardless of size.

We are a full service exhibition stand builder. This means that we can handle anything; from design to execution and from transport to storage. At the same time we can be contacted directly and we are highly adaptable.

Everything is managed in house

Multiple of our specialists ensure that everything is managed well. Practically all of the work is handled in house in order to guarantee the highest quality service.

Many successful collaborations have taken place with a diverse range of partnerships. Working with Dutch Expo Services ensures you work with an innovative and trustworthy company that is well known for providing value for money. As there is always direct contact with the client, the Dutch Expo Services team can deliver good quality work according to the close wishes of the customer.

Finding the best solution is the company’s personal mission.

National and international

Most of our activities (60-70%) are handled in international countries. This is because the Netherlands conference market share is too small. Dutch Expo services are active in Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Check Republic. Italy and Scandinavian countries. Because of the experience gained in all of these countries, Dutch Expo Services has been able to gain a lot of specialised experience in the construction of exhibition stands. A special warehouse has been built in Germany to meet the increasing demand for stands.

In most countries, we are supported by local professional partners. We have been working with these experienced people for many years. Fifteen people are employed as permanent staff, but in busy periods Dutch Expo Services is sometimes active at six different exhibitions and some forty to fifty people work on the various exhibition stands.


Dutch Expo takes high standards of design and quality very seriously for the preparation and construction of the exhibition stands. Based on clear and detailed instructions, work men execute the projects as accurately as possible to ensure the best quality product.

Dutch Expo utilises detailed checklists and planning methods in their management strategy to ensure that everything can be designed and constructed according to the wishes of the client.

Nowadays sustainability is becoming more important, as work processes need to become cheaper and more environmentally friendly than in the past. This is something we are aware of and have many suitable solutions for. Sustainability weighs highly towards the final outcome of the project and this in turn resembles high quality service.


Throwing items away after using it once no longer fits in today’s society. This is why there are many types of back walls, bows, and ceilings stored in our warehouse so that they can be used again for future projects.

Apart from stands that get used multiple times, exhibition stands originally intended for single use also get recycled and stored in our warehouse. This ensures that stand costs stay low and quality remains high.

This model is a win- win situation and helps to reduce the carbon footprint of our business but also yours, and so benefiting the environment even more.

A free quotation

Would you like to have an exhibition stand designed by us or would you like more information about Dutch Expo and all of the opportunities we offer? Then request information without any obligations.